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Windows Windows Windows....

Walking around the workshop yesterday I noticed just how busy we were manufacturing hardwood windows for Clients. 

If you’re in the market for new windows why not consider wooden windows? 


Not only is the process of manufacture more environmentally friendly but numerous tests have shown that a well cared for wooden window will last twice as long as a UPVC equivalent, meaning less replacements. 

Wooden windows are biodegradable, so when they (eventually) come to the end of their life, they are more widely recycled than UPVC.


They can be made to suit a whole host of tastes and styles, they can also of course be left naked or painted to pretty much any colour you if you want bright pink windows...go for it!  

Many UPVC manufactures are offering 'wooden look' windows...this is because people want the clasic style and beauty of wood....why settle for second best?


Yes, its true, some wooden windows will come up as more expensive in the short term against UPVC we have stated, they will outlast UPVC meaning no replecment needed, and they may also add value to a period home.

Follow this link to our windows gallery on Flickr: 

Flickr Gallery - Windows


Georgian Property - Painted Sash Window   Oak Windows Bespoke Size


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