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Time to check your Timber!

February / March time is the perfect time to check your timber for Winter damage or wear and tear. 

We've just had the perfect weekend for it. Sunny and dry, if a little cold! Having found a great little suntrap in our back yard I spent the weekend merrily tidying, sweeping and checking things before we roll on into spring.

A build-up of wet leaves can easily start to break down exterior wood and cause damp and rot, get those leaves swept up and if possible, add them to your compost heap.

Wind damage to fences and gates can leave them weak and vulnerable, Even if all looks well at first glance, check fixings to make sure nothing has worked loose. 

This is a great time of year to start planning ahead for the spring and summer months which are sure to bring us with copious days of beautiful, sunny and warm weather (!) Ever the optimist eh?! 

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